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Lasting. Effective. Compounding. 
Idahome Retrofit LLC


Look no further.

        Based on the plans that you have for the future of your home, we craft a detailed and personalized approach for all of your home aspirations.

        The undeniable impact of air barriers, insulation (thermal barriers) and adequate attic ventilation leads us to an almost unarguable work order formed. Roofing, window installment, siding, sola-tubes and gutter guards are amongst the other services we offer. While they are integral pieces to our approach, our chief focus surrounds building science with a prioritization on simplicity and ROI.

        Though unintentional, as homeowners we often can be overwhelmed when trying to tackle home projects. Tomorrow turns into next week, next week changes to next month.. Our highly trained specialists can help you in less time than you think. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

        With the influx of web traffic we are currently looking for a web-developer!! All inquiries to: or (208)391-3155.

A new home under construction in Vancouver, Canada..jpg

You notice your car is leaking oil, do you wait until the engine seizes or address the problem before a mechanic is needed? 


Quinn Cota, Owner (208) 391-3155

(208) 949-8367 - 1775 W State St #219

Problem solved.

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